Client: Automotive Manufacturer with Multiple Locations

100+ end users.
Needed support for single IT Manager.

Surya Stepped in Collaboratively

Assume all day-to-day activities including server management, monitoring, and end user support.
Provide CIO Services to IT Manager to plan infrastructure upgrades.
Customize services as needed, such as plant security card management.

Surya Enhanced IT

IT moved upstream. Core value delivered.

Prior to Surya

IT was not scaling well, and IT Manager was overburdened with end user requests — computer migrations, virus issues, and server problems.
Core business IT functions such as ERP/MRP and knowledge management were not possible to address.
Infrastructure was aging and reliability problems were starting to surface.

With Surya

In 18 months, internal IT delivered new knowledge management, communications, and ERP/MRP infrastructure to the business without the use of external consultants.
Standardized systems for security, backup, and monitoring implemented including recommendations on virtualization
infrastructure that which existed.
NOC (Network Operations Center) assumed all end user issues.
With 24/7/365 performance, IT became strategic and delivered core value including the support for new Mexico operation.