Client: Scientific Research & Development Firm

Growth from startup to full staffing of 40+ end users.
Strict security and business continuity compliance requirements.
Needed both business and scientific IT environments using a
combination of commercial and Open Source technologies.

Surya Delivered When Nobody Else Could

Design, create, deploy, and manage the system.
Participate in the audit process with Fortune level collaborator.
Attend all audits and create/present compliance related documentation.

Surya Achieved IT

System Success. High Level Compliance. Just Several Months.

Prior to Surya

Company would have to combine a local IT firm with several different consultants to cover the various technologies used.
With this many parties involved, managing a uniform approach to compliance would have been very difficult.

With Surya

System was approved by the collaborator and passed all
Audit paperwork and client meetings were handled.

Complex Technical Requirements Satisfied:

  • Mobile Assets Fully Encrypted
  • Intrusion Detection System Configured
  • RSA Key Authentication Established
  • In-House Email Services Established
  • Scientific and Business Computing Separated

With 24/7/365 performance, everything handled and completed in a timely manner with Fortune level client extremely impressed.