Client: Construction Company

100+ email users.
Staff in multiple and distributed locations.
Needed to switch from an externally hosted email system to an internal Exchange 2010 environment.

Surya Implemented Everything

Design, implement, and manage the new infrastructure.
Migrate all end users including workstation configuration and data import.
Use of a Surya data center location.

Surya Completed IT

Single Weekend. No downtime.

Prior to Surya

Company went through different approaches to IT management:

First: Internal staffing

Second: Internal staffing and managed service provider including MSP hosting their email system.
Unable to access the level of expertise necessary to resolve day to day functional issues, including building a strategic technology road map for their business.
Setting up a new construction site with the necessary technology and connectivity would take weeks of planning and execution, resulting in significant productivity loss as staff struggled to function at the new site.

With Surya

Entire infrastructure managed and business continuity plan implemented.

Setup of near continuous backup using Surya Business Continuity Appliance in conjunction with offsite backup and Network Operations Center.

Assumed lifecycle management for new site deployment Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, and Site Configuration.

With 24/7/365 performance, productivity is ensured at all sites regardless of time zone.