Client: Business Performance Consulting Firm

300+ end users.
Offices throughout US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
Needed consistent IT management and support across multiple time zones/locations.

Surya Delivered Globally

Provide end user support, logistics, critical server management, and data center services.

Surya Completed IT

Single Weekend. No downtime.

Prior to Surya

When an end user in Asia had an IT issue, such as a laptop failure, they would generally lose several days of productivity while trying to coordinate a replacement with their IT department in the US. Since there were no centralized backups of end user laptops, data would often be lost during these incidents.

With Surya

  • Stabilization of IT infrastructure allowed client to refocus on core business and continue rapid growth.
  • Users now rapidly provided with a replacement laptop housed and managed by Surya in the end user’s regional office.
  • Data restored from the latest backup set of the failed device from Surya’s data center colocation.
  • With 24/7/365 performance, restoration is completed overnight while the end user sleeps.