Selecting the Right IT Managed Service
24/7/365 Critical Support + More

Surya’s support is comprehensive – our goal is to make sure that all of your day to day IT needs are covered in your flat rate agreement. This means that our definition of a strategic IT conversation stretches to optimization.

We respond to critical issues 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our network operations centers have real staffing to resolve your critical issues – not operators who are contacting engineers on a pager. If your environment has an outage at 3am, by start of business, the necessary steps for recovery will be either completed or in motion. Our clients have the advantage of being able to schedule routine IT support tickets and software deployments outside of regular business hours. This availability translates directly to our client’s bottom line in improved employee productivity.

Business Continuity + Disaster Recovery Planning
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning is our primary focus when we deploy our managed services to a new client. 

We perceive the combined task of protecting client data and keeping client networks in motion as the most important thing that we deliver to our clients.

Strategic Resource Location
During the first few months of our engagement, we work with clients to make sure that their IT resources are strategically located. Our needs analysis helps clients understand choices between hosting at their site, datacenter, software as a service, or public cloud (or a hybrid of one or more options).


HR IT Workflow
Our support process is setup to be an integral part of its client’s human resources workflow. Employee addition and attrition are handled seamlessly – including provisioning of new accounts and computer assets as well as securing accounts and ensuring data continuity for departing employees.

Surya doesn’t sell anything beyond its services – this makes us completely vendor agnostic and perfectly aligned with helping our clients to get the maximum value in the IT purchasing process.
On all purchasing requirements (laptops, servers, software etc.) Surya will analyze business need and come up with the best options for our clients to choose from, facilitating the entire purchasing life cycle.

Many of our clients have distributed workforces and are constantly receiving, configuring, and shipping items like laptops all over the world. Surya serves as the central point of logistics for these clients, receiving the laptops from the manufacturer, configuring them with a customized software load, and coordinating shipping with the end user.

Another example is new site setup – when a customer is setting up a branch office, Surya will receive and pre-configure all infrastructure components (firewalls, servers, etc) and ship to the site, coordinating with onsite personnel for final configuration.