Client: Management Consulting Firm

Acquiring 120+ end users; total of 300+ end users.
Staff in multiple locations and project sites.
Needed risk assessment as well as cost reductions identified in the IT infrastructure.

Surya Provided the Answer

Deliver an integration plan in 48 hours.
Once acquisition complete on Friday, network under management the next Monday.
Implement backups for all critical data assets using the Surya Business Continuity Appliance.
Complete a physical to virtual conversion of all key platforms including Accounting, Email, and CRM.
Connect acquiring firms network to ensure complete data access.

Surya Completed IT

Single weekend. No downtime. Investment protected.

Prior to Surya

Customer would have to bring in an outside consultant to do the due diligence, then retain an IT firm in that geographic location to work in conjunction with the consultant to
perform the work. These parties would have to then coordinate with internal IT staff to begin the integration process.

Valuable time would be lost during the crucial first weeks following the acquisition resulting in loss of productivity and the high potential for data damage or complete loss.

With Surya

Over 350 ‘man hours’ were deployed between Friday and Monday morning.
Critical assets backed up, risk from aging hardware mitigated, and all access to data ensured.
With 24/7/365 performance, technology assets were protected and integrated – allowing the customer to double in size while focusing on core business tasks.